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John Stephan
John has performed in the Seattle area since 1974. Originally from Palmer, Alaska, John has played Roots music since childhood, and played Rock and Soul music in the Anchorage area in the 1960's. He's worked with a who's-who of Seattle Blues artists, including Isaac Scott, Little Bill, Mike Lynch, Paul Green and Mark DuFresne, to mention a few. Some gigs with Albert Collins and JB Hutto became an essential part of John's "education" His long-time experience working with Isaac Scott has been a considerable influence in Blues and Gospel styles.

John's guitar style ranges from low-down to up-town, and everything in between. His slide playing is well-known in the NW, going from gut-bucket to electric Chicago style. John writes and sings his own material, as well as interpreting traditional Blues.

Tom Roesch, Bass
A charter member since 2000, Tom is the "Wing Man" who holds it all together. A master of Blues, Soul, and Funk styles he developed in the Cincinnati area, he's essential to the group's sound. Tom also sings back-up, and is featured on all JSB recordings.

Steve Flynn, Keyboard
Steve is a first-call Seattle area keyboardist, and has performed with group since 2004. He is featured on the JSB "Know Your Driver" CD. His specialty is New Orleans -style piano. Oh Yeah! For more info : www.

Marty Lockwood, Drums
Marty has performed with group since 2011. A seasoned veteran of the Seattle area, Marty's Blues and R&B grooves are a solid addition to the group's sound. Marty also contributes back-up vocals.

Trev Cutler, Drums

Trev hails from Vancouver, BC, and joined the band in 2004, touring the Cincinnati area. His solid musicianship is an essential part of the sound. He's featured on the JSB "Know Your Driver" CD.

Jeff Conlin, Keyboard
Originally from Maryland, Jeff learned Gospel organ in church, and has much experience in the DC area, playing Blues, R&B, Soul and Funk. Performing with the group since 2008, he's featured on the JSB "Know Your Driver" CD. For more info: